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Letter from Joe Pampena

November 15 2014
Hi everyone,

Today, Maggie, myself and Ali went to visit Joe Pampena. I was very happy to be able to present him with the balance of the money from the social committee, in total we raised over $5,000. We were very proud to present him with a cheque from Unifor Women’s Committee of money we had also raised for our sister Paulette and her family.

He was very appreciative, and thankful, and doing as well as can be expected, but misses Paulette immensely.

I just wanted to share a picture with all of you of Joe and me.

Also he spoke to us about an organization that he brings Nicole to for care, it is a children’s hospice in Toronto, now even though Nicole did just turn 20, and they have found a way to accept her, even though she is past the age to go there. There really is nowhere for her to go to like this for adults. It is called Emily’s house


Perhaps as the social committee, we could consider and request this place as one of our donations at Christmas.

Thank you,
Rose Leger


Lisa Lawrie