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Orange Shirt Day

Monday, September 30 is Orange Shirt Day, an annual event to recognize the experience of residential school survivors. Unifor actively participates as part of our campaign for truth, justice, and reconciliation for Indigenous communities.

Individuals and communities across Canada continue to suffer the intergenerational effects of the violence from residential schools. Orange Shirt Day is an important opportunity for First Nations, local governments, schools, and communities to come together and say “Every child matters”. Indigenous children must know they are loved and valued.

Events are organized across the country and I strongly encourage you to to find an event near you or host your own.

Unifor is proud to share new artwork for 2019 that can be shared on your Facebook page and Twitter feed. Here are other ways that you can show solidarity and support for communities dealing with the legacy of residential schools:

  1. Print the poster and hang it in your workplace.
  2. Wear an orange shirt and post a photo with a message of support using #OrangeShirtDay and #Unifor
  3. Change your Facebook profile photo using the frame found on the Unifor Facebook page.
Together we can be part of a movement for a better future and healing.

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